The Barnes Group Advisors (TBGA), a leading global Additive Manufacturing Engineering Consultancy focused on the industrialization of the technology has signed an intellectual property license agreement providing Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (TiziriTech) access to The Barnes Group Advisors’s Activate AM training portfolio. As a result of this agreement, TiziriTech has a license to TBGA’s AM training materials to facilitate on-site training workshops for customers located in Africa and the Middle East. The list of courses is as follows:

Discover additive manufacturing.  Discover AM is an additive manufacturing essentials course for all employees. Learn the basic steps in each key process, real-world applications of additive manufacturing, and categorize material types used in additive manufacturing.

Focus your thinking. Focus AM is an expansion on the Discover AM course, providing a more detailed review the standard AM processes. Discuss technical and commercial considerations of each process, materials used in each process, and identify steps to the common additive manufacturing workflow.

Accelerate your journey. Accelerate AM is an advanced course focused on Design for Additive Manufacturing. Learn to distinguish between additive manufacturing design innovation and additive manufacturing design mitigation techniques.

Empower yourself. Empower AM focuses on forming a business case for additive manufacturing. Learn to identify cost drivers and opportunities for cost savings in additive manufacturing. Develop core industrialization strategies.

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